IN BERTY WE TRUST! is the second solo exhibition of Angela SU held at Gallery EXIT in 2013. Anchoring around the illustrated novel BERTY, a collaborative project with Mary Lee and Nadim Abbas, IN BERTY WE TRUST! quietly unravels the points of transgressions that appear when human dependence to technology is taken to the extreme. 

The Novel: BERTY
Published by Angela Su
ISBN 978-988-12778-0-0
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Revolving around the theme of body/machine relationship, BERTY and the adjunct exhibition attempt to answer some of the questions that arise from the body and machine dualism/dichotomy: Is the machine an extension of the body (prosthetics, assembly line)? Or is the body, that consumes and as a consumable artifact, an extension of the machine? Merging various writing styles and genres, graphics and images, scribbles and illustrations, BERTY is a piece of conceptual writing engaged in the discourses of body and machine interrelation.

A literary collage exploring the complex relationships between the machine and the human body, BERTY brings its readers through a fantastical journey through classic texts on the machine and the human condition. By presenting the novella as a centrepiece of the exhibition, BERTY not only provides a key to understanding Angela's works in the exhibition, but is also an experiment to blur the boundary between visual art and literature. 

BERTY has been acquired by The Book Lovers project initiated by David Maroto and Joanna Zielinska in The Netherlands.

The Exhibition: IN BERTY WE TRUST!
Staged as a dialogue between conceptual writings, drawings and video animation, the exhibition presents images that stand defiant against the cookie-cutter images of bodies in contemporary society. It offers instead alternative images of torture machines, human flesh and organs; a dreary and austere inquiry of the body and machine dualism/dichotomy.

Arianna Gellini, curator of Gallery EXIT wrote, ‘Among the presented works, the 3-meter long drawing E4 B7 84 examines this entangled association by means of powerful and daring imageries. With a visual reference to Christ’s passion, the artist present a cross section of stretched arms pierced and chained to a gear mechanism. Striped off from any type of human kinship, the remaining lump of muscles and flesh present a silent surrender to the inevitable force of progress.’

Please visit for the 3-channel animation IN BERTY WE TRUST! and for the short video THE ASSEMBLY LINE

More installation shots are available on Gallery EXIT's website